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Springtime for the Handsome Devils

We had a great time in Seoul, South Korea in April. Playing "Camp Swing It" is always great. So good to see the Asian swing dance scene in full force. We then played a swanky jazz club in the city for the first time which was a rare treat for us.

May brings a new gig in the USA - The Charleston Lindy Exchange in Charleston, South Carolina. It's been too long since we've gotten to play the south-east so we are looking forward to that.

In June we'll be returning to one of our favorite gigs - Säntis Hop in picturesque Teufen, Switzerland. Plus as a special bonus we have booked a club night in Zurich the following week. The club looks pretty special with it's waterfront vibe and swimming pool so we can't wait to check it out.

Hope to see you on the road sometime this spring!

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